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Le Mans 2015 Test Day Re-cap

Test day took place with the race just over two weeks out, and it proved that the day-long race will be nothing short of exciting .

The No. 17 Porsche topped field with a staggering 3:21.061 byBrendon Hartley - almost a second quicker than last year's pole lap from the Toyota.

The top six spots on the timing sheets were occupied by Audi and Porsche-powered cars; it seems that they have their “low drag” setups sorted – this may be due to their new rear wing configuration, which has caused some controversy in the paddock.

Nissan brought its new GT-R LM Nismo to the track for the first time. Understandably, its times were not up there with the established teams setting a fastest time; Practice One saw the car finish 21 seconds slower than the quickest time - but look for the team to improve.

Toyota proved they have a solid race car once again, with their two entries seventh and eighth quickest. It is yet to be seen if the car will be more efficient on long runs than the Porsche or Audi; if they are, then this might be the advantage they need over the 24 hours by spending less time in the pits.

In the LMP2 category, there were some very close times with the top five cars covered by about one second. In the GT classes, the first 20 cars were covered by around five seconds.

With only 11 days until the race now, there is not much between the cars.

Will it be another Audi win?

Will Porsche speed off into the distance?

What about Toyota?

And what is to come from Nissan's new LMP1 project?


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