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As a long time motorsport fan I’ve always been fascinated by racecars, especially GT- and endurance racing. Back in 2009, when I went to the 24hrs of Le Mans for the first time, I quickly realized that making pictures from grandstands with a mobile phone does not give you satisfying results… I swiftly confiscated my parents DSLR, a by then already outdated Olympus E-510, and started learning to work with that.

I discovered that besides my passion for motorsport, I also had a passion for photography and that the combination of the two was immensely satisfying. I started gaining as much experience as I could, photographing race events in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and even Italy. Also followed an education at the Dutch Fotoacademie to further improve my photography skills.

I'm now working with Prescott Motorsport shooting WEC, DTM and ADAC GT Masters

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