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Ford Reveals New for 2024 Mustang GT3

Unveiled at Le Mans, Ford Unwraps New 2024 GT3 Contender

Ford has taken the cover off their new Mustang set to debut in 2024. The debut will include a planned FIA World Endurance Championship customer program with Proton Competition. With a livery designed by Troy Lee, the new 2024 Ford Mustang GT3 was unveiled Friday at Le Mans.

The car, which was built by Multimatic, will race in the new-for-2023 LMGT3 class. Multimatic will also field two cars in the GT-Pro class in the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship. With the announcement of the Proton and Multimatic entries in both the WEC and IMSA, customer entries are also projected to materialize in the coming months. The new Mustang has already gone through its paces at a number of tracks in the United States since March and features a bespoke short-long arm suspension, rear-mounted transaxle gearbox, carbon fiber body panels, as well as an aero package set to make sure the competes at the top of GT3 classes globally.

Image: Ford

Ford CEO Jim Farley stated, "Ford and Le Mans are bound together by history. And now we’re coming back to the most dramatic, most rewarding and most important race in the world. It is not Ford versus Ferrari anymore. It is Ford versus everyone. Going back to Le Mans is the beginning of building a global motorsports business with Mustang, just like we are doing with Bronco and Raptor off-road.”

Mark Rushbrook, Global Director at Ford Performance Motorsports, added, "It has come about for a lot of different reasons. Part of it is internal to our company, and the way that we’re able to value motorsports in new and different ways than before. But also, it’s a lot of what’s happened in the racing world, especially in sports car racing. And with the convergence of the GT classes, we can with one car, one designed and one homologated car, race it globally. In factory racing, in IMSA, where it’s appropriate to do it, but around the rest of the world — in series like WEC, including Le Mans, and SRO we can race in true customer racing, getting Mustangs out there for customer teams to compete with. That is great for us, because Mustang is one of our icons. It is a halo for us in many ways. And as we’ve committed to the seventh-generation Mustang for the for the road with a full lineup of vehicles, we’re doing the same thing on the racetrack.”


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