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FIA WEC: Pescarolo intends to field Peugeot 9X8 in 2024 WEC season

Text & Images: Rick Kiewiet

The legendary French racing team once founded by Henri Pescarolo in the early 2000s has communicated its intentions to be Peugeot's first customer team and field an 9X8 hypercar in the 2024 WEC season. In a press release it stated that it has now signed the necessary papers with Peugeot and embarks on a journey to gather the required funding for the project. This press release was also confirmed by Peugeot.

Founder Henri Pescarolo is no longer involved with the team, since 2016 it is in the hands of Jocelyn Pedrono, a French entrepreneur. Whether the entry will materialise at the 2024 grid will depend on finding the financial backing in the coming months. If this will be successful remains to be seen.


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