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WEC: Alpine joins hypercar in 2024

Text & Images: Rick Kiewiet

The future of the World Endurance Championship is looking ever brighter now that Alpine has announced it will enter 2 brand new hypercars from 2024. It is the 10th manufacturer to join under the new hypercar regulations, after Toyota, Glickenhaus, Peugeot, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac and Acura.

The new Alpine hypercar will be designed and built in cooperation with Oreca, use an Alpine engine that benefits from the F1-branch of the brand. Oreca will also work closely with the Alpine F1 department in Enstone for the development of the chassis.

Furthermore, Alpine has confirmed its intend to continue its participation in the WEC up until 2024 with the current car and for another four years with the new car. Additional details of the plan will be laid out in the coming months.


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