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Knockhill: Ingram wins but fails ride height check in drenched race one.

Credit: ExcelR8 Motorsport

This weekend, the paddock is mourning the lose of Neil brown, a friendly and well beloved friend to everyone up and down the paddock.

Ash Sutton lines up on pole with Josh Cook in the Honda Civic Type R alongside him and Jake hill on the soft tyre in third after a complicated qualifying.

Napa Racing will be running a one off Scottish tartan inspired livery for this weekend, will it continue to bring them the luck they have had all season?

Race One:

Napa Racing UK's Dan Rowbottom has come to a stop on the short straight before the final hairpin. Rowbottom will not start the race and consequently means he'll will be starting from the back of the grid for race two.

Lights out, and Jake hill is unable to split the front two cars of Sutton and Cook.

All the cars get through duffers dip with little to no contact, Rory Butcher in the Toyota goes to the outside at the hairpin to overtake Hill, but opens the door for Ingram to go fourth.

Sutton and Cook have already pulled a gap of 1.7 seconds at the end of lap two.

Josh Cook lock ups and goes for the outside line at the final corner, Sutton comes across to block him and defends superbly.

Credit: One Motorsport

Sutton goes wide and comes back across hitting Cook as he goes past to take the lead of race one.

All of this drama has allowed Jake Hill to close right up on the bumper of the Napa Ford.

The rain starts to pour as the top three start lap number seven, still seventeen to go.

None of the top ten drivers heavy come in to the pits for wet tyres, Cook is all over the road and manages to control his slide at turn one.

Ingram is the first of the leading group to blink and dive into the pits for wet tyres.

Credit: BTCC

Josh Cook is out! Sutton taps the back of the Honda and that small amount of contact throws Cook into the barrier at turn one, ending the leading battle.

Michael Crees moves to 6th and Dan Lloyd moves up to 5th, Team HARD's tyre gamble is paying off tremendously.

As the rain continues to fall, those still on the dry tyres; Cammish, Moffat and Edwards especially, are crawling around the track with little to know intention of pitting.

The safety car is thrown to recover the stricken cars of Josh Cook and Michael Crees.

Credit: One Motorsport

The top six drivers, Sutton, Moffat, Butcher, Ingram, Cammish and Lloyd are all onto soft tyres, despite the torrential conditions.

Sutton pits, maybe too late, for wet tyres and Moffat inherits the lead.

Butcher and Moffat both retire with significant damage after individual spins.

Ingram currently leads with Jake Hill behind him and a charging Tom Chilton in third.

The safety car comes back out again, waving the back markers through as the whole circuit is in a dilemma of who is where and who is a lap down.

Once the safety car returns to the pits, the top three will be Tom Ingram, Jake Hill and Tom Chilton.

Daryl DeLeon, in the Team HARD Cupra, crashes under the safety car with severe damage to the front right corner. DeLeon parks the car to the side of the road, elongating the safety car period.

Credit: Team HARD. Racing

The race restarts with just two last remaining. Ingram is the bookies favourite with multiple backmarkers between himself and Jake Hill.

Tom Ingram provisionally wins, from Jake Hill and Tom Chilton. Ingram's car has failed the ride height test with the full result waiting to be confirmed.


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