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Colin Turkington gives BMW 150th BTCC win at Silverstone.

Colin Turkington wins the final race at Silverstone to bring BMW their 150th race win in the British Touring Championship ahead of a charging Ash Sutton.

Credit: Team WSR

Michael Crees got jumped off the line by the Hyundai of Pearson and the Napa Ford of Rowbottom, pushing the CUPRA down to third.

The safety car wzs deployed on lap 2 after a coming together of Adam Morgan, Michael Crees and Rory Butcher. This fired the Toyota and the BMW into the concrete wall at the end of the Wellington straight.

Sutton, starting from 12th, managed to keep his race clean and successfully climbed into the top ten after the drama of Butcher and Morgan.

The big winner from the chaos of the start was Team HARD. Racing driver Dan Lloyd, who chased down Rowbottom as the green flag dropped.

Ingram dispatched Crees with no issues to gain yet another place and dragging his Hyundai up the pack in pursuit of Rowbottom's Ford Focus.

Colin Turkington managed to pass a slow Rowbottom for the lead of the race as Lloyd and Crees both got fired off wide by the Hyundai's Ingram and Pearson.

Prescott Motorsport - Aaron Lynch

A recovering Jake Hill, due to mechanical issues in race two, made it up to thirteenth by lap 11, but was making slow progress.

Dan Cammish and Michael Crees both retired to the pitlane, with suspected engine problems.

After laps of skilful defending, Pearson finally fell foul of the unstoppable Ash Sutton.

Rowbottom towed around Sutton and Pearson for four laps, but eventually Sutton made his way past and disappeared up the road.

Prescott Motorsport - Aaron Lynch

Turkington won to give BMW their 150th win in the British Touring Car Championship.

Ingram came home in 2nd just in front of a charging Sutton.


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