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First orders placed for the Perrinn 2018 LMP1

Two chassis set for 2018 FIAWEC and Le Mans 24 Hours

Perrinn LMP1 2018

British motorsports engineering company PERRINN has announced that it has received the first order for a brace of its new LMP1 car to race the 2018 FIA World Endurance Championship. With the design work already completed alongside preliminary digital and crash test simulations, the as yet unnamed car is expected to be revealed in late November before testing starts in December. With the programme already at such an advanced stage, PERRINN has confirmed it is capable of supplying further cars for the 2018 season.

Perrinn lmp1 2018

With over 15 years’ experience across sports car and F1 projects as well as automotive technology programmes including most recently an electric supercar, PERRINN will oversee the build at a facility in Northamptonshire using a range of trusted subcontractors. “Motorsport leads the way in advanced manufacturing techniques and we are now capable of producing the car in an innovative fashion,” adds Perrin. “We will nominate the best suppliers to produce parts and deliver to our subcontractors to undertake the assembly on our behalf.”

Further innovation is evident with PERRINN’s ensuring the design will be ‘open source’. “'I am using open source as a way to focus resources and talents around our project,” says Perrin. “I want PERRINN to achieve success at Le Mans by becoming a much bigger organisation than it can be if we limit ourselves to a centralised closed company. Our workforce is decentralised and global. Our team is open and accessible.”

Further updates on the programme will be available via the PERRINN website

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