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It has been added...

Text: Rick Kiewiet

Images: Peugeot

What was expected has been revealed... After 1.5 years, Peugeot saw itself forced to add a rear wing to the 9x8 hypercar for the 2024 WEC season. In an effort to overcome the cars issues - no grip on bumpy tracks because of lost ground effect - the French manufacturer saw no other solution than to go conventional.

Besides the rear wing, the most notable changes are the redesign of the nose of the car, and a switch from 31cm width on all four wheels, to 29cm front, and 34cm rear width tires.

With the new design, Peugeot also unveiled its new 2024 livery and confirmed the EVO version of the 9x8 will make its debut in the next WEC round in Imola, 19th of April.


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