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F1 and GP2 Sochi incidents

So Sochi... anyone else get that feeling that something else is going to happen? I said that just before the GP2 race started....

I have been looking at the Sainz crash and the way that the Tecpro barrier reacted and how the car was able the travel under the blocks.

After some digging around the blocks do not need to be fixed down nor fixed at the end of the runs, but are all interconnected. I would assume the reason they are not fixed at either end it to allow the "chain" to flex when an impact occurs. There are 2 different types of block, red blocks are hollow and "deform" on impact and the grey blocks have foam inside and interconnect with nylon flat banding in them.

So why did the car go under the barrier? is the front of the car too low for this type of car, or something else at play? looking at the onboard there is no drivers left wheel and the front wing has gone - the right wheel does deform the barrier but as the car has effectively dropped down to the ground and the nose is shaped the way it is physics take over the the car goes under the barrier.

Compare this to the King crash in GP2 where the car has both wheels and most of the front wing so the ride height of the car is off the ground, the car hits the barrier and although puncturing the blocks, the impact is absorbed and the car does not go under.

Now, there is I feel and issue with the Amrco barrier in Sainz crash as this clearly should not have broke, and certainly not been able to push a post over... this can only be down to the installation.

What can be learnt? I think that the Tecpro barrier is certainly an effective bit of kit, but could something be done to prevent the F1 cars nose dropping so much it can go under a barrier?


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