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60 Entries for Le Mans 24 2016

Yesterday at their press conference in Paris the ACO announced that there will be 60 cars entered to start the 84th running of the world famous 24 hours at Le Sarthe circuit, in France on the weekend of 18th-19th of June 2016.

So in the third round of the World Endurnace Championship there will be 9 LMP1, 22 LMP, 14 GTE Pro and 14 GTE Am cars running along with the garage 56 entry of Frédéric Sausset who had all 4 limbs amputated due to an illness. A full list of entries can be found here.

To accommodate the increased number of cars, 4 further garages are currently being constructed towards pit out, this is along with further track improvements which include the installation of SAFER Barriers at the Porsche Curves along with a host of other improvements at the cost of 900,000 euros.

The ACO also launched the 2016 poster - well in fact 3 posters have been launched, a complete change from the past with last years winning car featuring on it along with the words "Magique" "Unique" and “Mythique” aimed to sum up the race, we are still not convinced by this move but it does show that the ACO are willing to move forward and embrace the futrue.


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