Steve Tarrant

I first became interested in motorsport as a child in the 60s – yes I really am that old - with B&W TV, MW transistor radio listening to American Forces Network for US GPs (anyone who remembers listening to Radio Luxembourg will similarly remember how easy that was!), and Motor Sport magazines as my source of information on the sport.

I completed thirty years of marshalling in total, covering everything from 8 year old cadets in karts, to 7 tonne trucks, to Le Mans prototypes, and in all sorts of roles, from course and flag marshalling, assembly, clerk of course for karts, and even petrol pump attendant during 24 hour events

My first time at Le Mans was 1983, the first full season of Group C, and I marshalled there from 2003 to 2017 too before I hung up the overalls for notepad and camera.