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Yearone, The Custom Flip Flop Company partners with Prescott Motorsport

Yearone, the custom flip flop company have partnered with Prescott Motorsport to support Joe Byrne Racing in 2017.

Yearone Logo

In 2017 we are working with Yearone to support Joe Byrne racing, Joe Byrne is a former soldier in the British Army who served 7 years in the Royal Engineers, Joe's unit was 9 Parachute Squadron the Airborne Engineers. Joe was injured on exercise in 2014 resulting in severe damage to his nerves, this in turn lead to Joe being medically discharged from the Army in 2015. ​Yearone is a custom flip flop company who can create any custom design onto their flops. They also stock a wide range of sports related flops including cricket, rugby and football teams.


What do you call a French man with a shoe on his head.....??

Fillipe Flop...!!!


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