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Worlds fastest electric formula racer unveiled

The team develoing the IM01 Le Mans Garage 56 racer has unveiled their all electric racer, the worlds fastest electric formula racer with a 0-100 kph in less than 3 seconds and then keeps acelerating to 285 kph.

"The KP&T IM/e has been developed as a test bed for the technologies to be used in the IM01 Le Mans car" said Marc de Mol Moncourt from the team, "our aims for 2016 are to break the electric lap record at Zandvort and the Nurburgring" he added.

The team is being assisted by the Dutch drivers Jan Lammers, Xavier Maassen and Nick Catsburg - Xavier currently holds the electric circuit record at Zandvort.

The specs are remarkable considering the car is designed with handling in mind, not absolute speed. Using carbon fibre, titanium and magnesium suspension components attains the incredible handling characteristics, whilst keeping the weight as low as possible. The KP&T IM/e has two electric motors delivering 200Kw (545 BHP) whilst weighing only 658 Kg. Part of the suspension will be 3d printed titanium, a first in the world of motorsport.

If you would like more information about the IM01 Le Mans car please check out my blog, and be sure to check back as I follow this project.

Pictures from Gerlach Delissen Photography.


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