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Uli's Racing Legends; A Motor Sports Artist

Uli’s Racing Legends watercolour pictures can be found hanging on many a wall of a motor racing fan across the globe, and on the eve of this year's 24hr race, a Le Mans Uli takes time out to speak with me about his passion for racing art.

Uli began painting cars at the age of five, much to the surprise of his mother!

“Cars have always been a passion," said Uli. "their look, the noise, and the feeling as they pass you at 200 mph, to me they are art sculptures.”

At age 12, Uli painted a six-meter-wide Formula One scene on a wall at his school and later created section-drawings of the Ferrari F1 car, travelling to Hockenheim to get them signed by the race teams.

Ninety percent of his work is about race and sports cars, but Uli does like to paint landscapes and portraits - his favorite subjects next to cars.

“A portrait, of course, is the most challenging subject; to paint somebody means to reduce all his characteristics to this one perfect impression.”

Uli reads a lot about motorsport, both modern and historic. His library contains several hundred books about all cars, drivers, and eras. Therefore, his painting shows not only a fast car, but it also tells a story about the driver behind the wheel or the race in historic detail.

Commissions and purchases have come from many places, including Rolex, Gulf Oil, Corvette Racing, and car museums all over the world along with private motorsport enthusiasts.

In an idea world, Uli would like to spend his time painting in his wintergarden and playing field hockey with his two sons.

Uli’s Racing Legends can be found in the shopping village during this year's Le Mans race and also online; click here to visit his site.


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