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Perrinn to concentrate on a Garage 56 entry for Le Mans 2019

Perrinn appear to have called a halt to their LMP1 programme, favouring a Garage 56 entry in 2019 with a full electric car with autonomous mode.

The Dacia branded LMP1 project looks to have been shelved as Perrinn, who had sold 2 LMP1 chassis for 2018 to ART Racing Services move instead towards a full electric car with an autonomous mode. Plans are for the car to run in the 2019 24hrs Le Mans race under the Garage 56 entry for alternative technologies.

From what Perrinn have announced today the car will run for 15 minutes every hour, completing one out lap at GTE pace, a flying lap at LMP1 pace and then an in lap in autonomous mode - spending the next 45 minutes "reconditioning"

Whilst the technology may be interesting we have to ask ourselves - is this a racing car?


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