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LMP1 From Ginetta for the 2018 WEC

With todays news from Ginetta that they are to produce 10 LMP1 cars for the 2018 season does this show the start of the "customer" LMP1 range? Ginetta has a longstanding relationship with the ACO, having been the founding manufacturer of the hugely successful LMP3 class in 2015. Despite their contemporaneous LMP2 chassis bid being unsuccessful, the Ginetta design team has remained a powerful force in prototypes, moving toward P1 spec having released the powerful G57 in 2016. With both the Ginetta LMP3 and G57 securing their position as some of the most competitive prototypes in the world, Ginetta has seized the chance to add an LMP1 car to their range.

At the 2016 Autosport International Show Lawrence Tomlinson spoke about the G57 being crash tested and built to an LMP1 standard, I commented at the time that this may be a test bed for future iterations of the chassis - (Full Article).

Ginetta have brought in some well known names from the world of prototype sports cars, namely Adrian Reynard and Paolo Catone. Reynard was behind the Reynard 02S and 2KQ chassis which were seen racing in the FIA Sportscar Championship (LMP) under various iterations including Zytek, RN Motorsport and Jota. And Catone was the designer of the famous Peugeot 905 and 908 Hdi FAP LMP1 along with the BR01 LMP2 chassis as raced by SMP Racing in 2015 and 2016.

Reynard LPM900 at Sebring Peugeot 908 Hdi at Le Mans

Ginetta has further confirmed they are in advanced talks with engine supplier MECACHROME as well as gearbox manufacturers Xtrac for the drive train. The car will be around 60kg lighter than a P2 and have up to 200BHP more power. Accompanied with the huge downforce that their new aerodynamic team will develop, Ginetta is confident this will be a class-leading car.


Will we now see ByKolles show their hand following their Director of Racing Operations, Boris Bermes saying in 2016 "We want to be part of the top category and our passion is to be a private car manufacturer" a sure sign that they too wish to produce an LMP1 customer car in 2018?


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