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LM24 basics - part 2 - Fringe Benefits

So you've arrived, pitched the tent, bought the beers, and are twiddling your thumbs wondering how to fill the hours before your favourite prototypes and GT appear on track. Well, you're in luck, as a number of events have grown up around the great race in neighbouring towns and villages. All offer free admission, and most will have retail and food possibilities.

Les R’Hunaudières

Celebrates decade from Ferrari’s 1949 win to Aston Martin’s 1959 win, 100th anniversary of Shell, & marshals awards. Tuesday 11 June 16:00-23:00, Ruaudin sports centre.

Neuville dans la course

Car parade (7PM) followed by open air cinema (9PM) & fireworks (11PM). Tuesday 11 June 2019 from 19:00, plage du Vieux Moulin, Neuville-sur-Sarthe

Arnage dans la course

130+ sports cars representing French elegance and motorsport will be on display. Thursday 13 June 2019, 09:00 – 17:00, place François Mitterrand, Arnage.

Le virage de Mulsanne

Mulsanne Corner hosts 800 classic cars, special guests include drivers Maxime Martin and Julien Canal. Friday 14 June 2019, 09:00 – 16:00, 2 avenue François Mitterrand, 72230 Mulsanne

Classic British Welcome

The 19th edition will be paying tribute to distinctive British marque, Morgan. The special guest is Jacques Nicolet, owner of Onroak Automotive. 

Friday 14 June 2019, 09:00 – 17:00, Saint-Saturnin


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