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(Updated)Le Mans: Keating Motorsport handed penalty, loosing the win.

News within the last few moments form the ACO Endurance Committee has handed a time penalty to Keating Motorsport moving them to 2nd place behind the Project 1 Porsche.

Following post race technical checks it was found that the fuel rig was not delivering the full 45 seconds of fuel as required by the regulations, it has been reported that this was under by only 0.6 seconds.

This not only looses the team the win, but their automatic entry to Le Mans in 2020.

Under this ruling there is no right to appeal.

So currently the results are that the P1 Porsche is 1st in class, Keating Motorsport Ford, 2nd and the JMW Ferrari remain in 3rd.


News just in from the ACO / FIA Stewards is that the car has been disqualified from the results due to a fuel tank infringement similar to that of the number 68 in that the fuel tank had a larger capacity than allowed.

This now moves the 62 WeatherTech Racing Ferrari into 3rd position, results are still provisional.

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Adam Prescott
Adam Prescott
Jun 17, 2019

We feel so upset for the team...

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