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Ginetta buys Blyton Park test track

Yorkshire car manufacturer Ginetta, a subsidiary of the LNT Group, has today (Wednesday 22 March) announced that it has purchased Blyton Park Driving Centre, a test track in Gainsborough. Former owner Richard Usher is staying on board at the circuit and will continue to manage day to day operations for Ginetta.

As one of the UK’s busiest test facilities, Blyton’s strong business proposition fits well with Ginetta’s wider dedication to the sport making the Yorkshire business a logical buyer for the Circuit. Ginetta has long been a bastion of British Motorsport, with a well-established commitment to breeding the next generation of racing stars. As the new owner of Blyton, Ginetta’s priority will be to protect the flexibility it offers to drivers, manufacturers and motorsport fans alike across the sport.

Improvement plans are already in motion to enhance Blyton’s customer experience through progressive development of the circuit. Plans include additional circuit configurations within the existing complex, along with improved facilities for competitors. All development opportunities will take into consideration the requirements of the individuals, organisations and manufacturers who currently use the track.

Already one of Blyton Park’s biggest customers, Ginetta will continue to use the circuit for all car shakedowns, as well as a venue for customer and corporate track events with plans to make dedicated areas - such as a flat patch - available for customers to hire for set-up. By keeping cars available on site, Ginetta will also give Blyton’s drivers and motorsport fans the opportunity to hire vehicles, including their G40 Club Car.

Nick Portlock, Ginetta Commercial Director; “The purchase of Blyton Park made ideal business sense to Ginetta. It’s one of the UK’s biggest testing facilities and we are one of its biggest customers. We plan to invest in improving the customer offering and experience at the circuit, as it’s crucial for us to ensure it remains ‘business as usual’ with all manufacturers encouraged to continue to use the facility.”

Richard Usher, Blyton Park Managing Director; “Ginetta and I have a fantastic passion for motorsport and are keen to see racing talent flourish. Ginetta is heavily invested in their motorsport career ladder whilst Blyton Park is an ideal place to hone your race craft whether it be on two wheels or four. The circuit has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and the purchase by Ginetta is exactly what we need to continue the development. I am incredibly excited to begin the next chapter in Blyton Park’s history and I am sure our customers are too.”

Already one of Blyton Park’s biggest customers, Ginetta will continue to use the circuit for all car shakedowns, as well as a venue for customer and corporate track events.

The former RAF airfield was acquired by motorsport enthusiast Richard Usher before being repurposed as a one and a half mile tarmac circuit. In May 2011, Blyton Park Driving Centre opened for business with the main activities being track and experience days as well as driver tuition.

Over the past six years, a number of alternate circuit configurations have been introduced and as a result, the circuit attracts various car and motorbike disciplines. Licenced by the MSA for sprint competition, Blyton Park also hosts a number of rallycross and grasstrack events, as well as supermoto and superlites series.


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