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FIA WEC Super Season dates confirmed

The FIA World Motorsport Council have confirmed the dates for the FIA World Endurance Championship "Super Season" 2018/19 at their meeting today in Paris.

Jean Todt, offered the FIA's full support to the FIA Endurance Commission in its efforts to further strengthen and promote the FIA WEC, saying that it is one of the FIA's most important assets.

The Paul Riccard test day is scheduled to be run over the 6th and 7th April and will offer teams 36 hours of continuous running.

The calendar was confirmed as follows:

FIA WEC 2018/19 calendar

The World Motor Sport Council also agreed to a number of Technical Regulation amendments for 2018 and 2019.

- From 2018, incorporation of the LMP1 Non-Hybrid cars into a single classification with the LMP1 Hybrid cars (while maintaining the current specific technical regulations).

- It is proposed to equalise the lap performances of the best LMP1 Non-Hybrid and Hybrid cars by adjusting the instantaneous fuel flow and fuel consumption per lap for the Non-Hybrid cars. A fuel range advantage for Hybrid cars (one extra lap at Le Mans) will be enforced.

- A technological coefficient between naturally aspirated engines and turbo engines will be implemented in order to open up the field of possible engines for LMP1 Non-Hybrid cars.

- From 2019, a ban on fluidic switches and energy brought to the general aerodynamics of the car – this is in anticipation of potential complex and expensive developments in this area.


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