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Fernando feels the pinch...!

Our reporter, Vickie Miller brought us the latest from the Roar before the 24 today and Alonso revealed he needs a bigger crotch belt...!

Earlier today Vickie was at the press conference and found out some interesting issues that Alonso is having with his United Autosports Ligier JS P217, he told the awaiting press that he is having an issue with "the belt between my legs, I need a bigger one", to much amusement from the press!

He continued that it was very special being at Daytona as it is very different to anywhere he has raced before: "You can really feel the compression in the banking, it was good fun". Sharing his expectations for the race he told the press that his goal was to learn a new track, new techniques and to be a better driver at the end of the race.

"This is my first 24 hour race, first time racing at night and first time racing with GT's, its a big challenge and I want to enjoy it."

You can hear the full interview HERE


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