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Eddie Cheever III and his Le Mans hopes.

We took a moment to catch up with Eddie Cheever III as he prepares for his first Le Mans, read on and find out how the driver of the #70 MR Racing is feeling before the big day.

First Le Mans, How does it feel?

It’s exciting, its going to be a long week, there is so much going on, its good that I have somebody who has so much experience like Olivier in the car and who can talk me through what I have to do during the week. Its very important to get as much adapted as you can, its exciting.

How did you find the test?

It was fine, it was kind of frustrating because there was lot of red flags, safety cars and all that but I think that’s part of the game.

I'm going to have a lot of laps in the race so I guess that’s when you really learn the track.

Have you found a particular part of the circuit that you enjoy?

I would say every single metre of Le Mans is very special, I liked it a lot, Indianapolis and the Porsche Curves, I cant wait to try again.

They are all challenging, the first sector is all hard braking very high speed, the Porsche Curves are confidence confidence confidence, every corner has its tricks that I have to learn as quickly as possible.

What is key for the race?

Don’t do a mistake and be very consistent, also at night, main thing is to bring it home, to the finish line in a good position.


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