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Clearwater #61 Qualifying report, divine intervention?

In a word 'average' is how Clearwater Racing's Matt Griffin described last nights qualifying session. The team spoke about who would start the car in relation to where they qualified. "We spoke about different scenarios before qualifying, if we qualify in the top six I’m (Matt) going to start the race, if we qualify outside of the top 6 Weng is going to start the race… I think some sort of divine forces were in action that decided that Weng should start the race!" said Matt.

"To be honest with you, I feel that because our car was fantastic, brilliant, really fast and in my qualifying attempt I was on for a really good lap, not pole position but top 3 top 4", unfortunately Matt's qualifying lap was scuppered by a slow zone at the start/finish line. "As I’m coming through the Porsche Curve my engineer is on the radio saying sector 1 is about to be neutralised for the slow zone and he’s counting down, as I’m through the Ford Chicane I came across the slow zone, put the anchors on down to 80 and that was a 55.5".

As for the race Matt believes that the #61 is in good shape, "The car is very, very good, I think that it is easy to say sitting here on a Friday afternoon that if I had had a little bit going my way I would have had a chance of pole but it didn’t happen, we’re 11th on the grid and will just have to go from there".

The car has the pace for sure, completing a lap time of 3:54.955 on the last lap of qualifying, in the dark and on old tyres, setting the cars fastest middle and last sector times. "I think we’re strong, the race is long, I’m gutted because of qualifying and I couldn’t sleep last night but sometimes you just have to roll with these things".

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