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Audi to appeal exclusion from WEC 6h Silverstone results

In the very late evening it was announced that the stewards of the meeting received a report from the Technical Delegate explaining that the thickness of the front skid block of car no. 7 doesn’t comply with article 3.5.6 a3 of the LMP1 Technical Regulations. And so the no. 7 car was excluded from the results of the race, this meant that Porsche were the winners and Rebellion Racing were promoted to third over all.

However, around 1am on Sunday morning Audi Sport said that they were to appeal this decision, this now means that the result will remain provisional pending the outcome of a Sports Tribunal.


So whats it all about??

Article 3.5.6 a3 is as above, stating a maximum wear amount of the skid block on the bottom of the car during the race - known to some as the "plank" at term you may be familiar from F1.

The drawing to the left shows the 2 areas for measurement being the leading and trailing edges, the greyed areas.

It seems post the race too much wear has occurred to these areas, maybe by the car running too low and grounding or possibly from damage during the race?

These areas are checked after FP3 also.

So we await now the outcome of the tribunal, at a later date but hopefully before Spa in 3 weeks.


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