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Adam Prescott, proud ambassador for the British Photography Awards

We received some great news this morning that Adam has been chosen to be an ambassador for the British Photography Awards.

The British Photography Awards are a fully independent body, run by volunteers and showcasing the finest photographs taken in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. Their team administers a series of regional photography prizes in a range of categories that call for the very best of British photography.

However, regional photography awards are only half of the story. Unlike many other projects, they are not solely dedicated to highlighting the photographer's art. Instead, they work with different UK charities to help communities that support the competition itself. These organisations are selected based on both their operational ethics and real-world effectiveness.

As an ambassador, Adam will be working to spread the word about the awards and the great work which they do for regional and national charities.



The team are developing similar innovative projects worldwide using a broad network of contacts, charity workers, volunteers and friends. Launching in 2018: The American Photography Awards!


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