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A 'little more' than 90 Seconds with Struan Moore

20 year old Jersey born racer Struan Moore competed in the 2014 BRDC F4 Championship securing 7 podium finishes and a race win. In 2015 he signed with KCMG to drive in the Japanese F3 Series where he impressed all season often out pacing more experienced rivals.

In late 2015 Struan had a test drive with the McLaren GT team in Barcelona and a few weeks later was annouced as their representative for the Academy Driver Programme in the Blancpain Endurance Series alongside Alex Fontana and Andrew Watson for the Garage 59 Team.

Once we received Struan's 90 Seconds With answers we realised there was no way you could get through it in 90 seconds, so here are his answers in all their glory... enjoy!

What would you be if not a racing driver?

For me I wouldn't have a certain career I would want to go into because I have such a passion for racing.

However I have a keen interest on fashion and design, it's something I really enjoy away from the track and it helps exercise my mind on other interests. I have a range of my designs available on my website.

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?

When I was growing up and learning so much about how to drive quickly it would play on my mind from time to time. Especially after my first podium or race I would be tempted to wear the same socks or something silly like that. Now I don't have any, as you get older and realise you can only do your best and you can never avoid a bad hand - if it's meant to be it'll happen eventually with hard work.

What is your favourite circuit?

Difficult question, there's many I've enjoyed and I haven't tried half as many as I'd like too! I have good memories at Bahrain, but my soft spot lies with the challenging Suzuka. I'm very much looking forward to getting back on that track.

Who do you admire the most?

Honestly, no particular persons springs to mind. There's many inspirational people or stories out there. After everything Micheal Schumacher achieved he will always be high on the list, I never imagined he would be in the position he is in now. It just shows the reality of how incredible but brutal life can be, he's a true inspiration.

Favourite food?

Sunday roast with a pint of Ale, can't beat the British out of me.

Which series would you most like to race in?

There's a few! It's changed as I've got older but currently I would love to drive in Super Formula or Super GT 500. If I could move to Australia and compete in V8 Supercars that would also be a dream - I travelled through Australia a couple years ago when I was racing in BRDC F4 and I caught the bug for it.

What road car do you drive?

I'm driving a BMW 1 Series M Sport, love the little rocket - I think we will be together for a while.

Most memorable racing moment?

It has to be my first win in cars, I came back to racing after a year out to compete in my first year of single seaters in BRDC F4. I won round 3 at Snetterton from pole, can't beat the winning feeling.

Do you have any tattoo's, if so what and where (be honest!)?

I have a couple. I got my first when I was travelling in Australia - it's the logo for my clothing line which is a dove and it's on my lower stomach next to my hip bone. I was staying in a hostel next to a studio in Melbourne - I went there one morning for it and then visited the race track in the afternoon...that was a good day! I got the other back in London which goes up my forearm, it's a Paisley design that I ended up printing on my of my lines t-shirts... perhaps it's time for another!

Thank you to Struan for taking the time to particpate in our feature, we wish him all the best for his 2016 seasons. Also thanks to everyone at Crown Motorsport for helping us out.


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