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If not a racing driver, then what would you be?

That’s a tough question because I’m a racing driver only as a hobby, but maybe a fisherman, I spend a lot of time on the water.

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?

No bananas..... Don't ask why!!

Who do you admire the most?

Matt Griffin - he helps me get quicker every time I’m in the car, I’ve been learning from him for 6 years now. 

What is you favourite circuit?

Bathurst, it’s an amazing place, if you’ve not been get out there for the Bathurst 12 Hours!  

My first race was the Bathurst 12 Hours. I got together with some people, including Arj (Pillay Kulasegaram, Clearwater Racing's Managing 

Director), we bought a 996 cup car and that was it, we were 4th at one point and then the clutch makes a lot of sense for the first race you compete in to be a 12 hrs...but I got the bug!

Which series would you most like to race in?

Honestly, I can’t think of a better series to race in then the FIA WEC Championship.  I was actually going to retire last year, the Asian Le Mans race in January was supposed to be my last race, but over Christmas and New Year I was thinking ‘Do I want to retire, look back and kick myself and think I should have done WEC’...  

Favourite Food?

Malaysian chicken curry

What road car do you drive?

Range Rover

Most memorable racing moment?

Much thought…. This is a tough one, I’ve had quite a few.  I think probably my most memorable was the Silverstone 6Hrs in April of this year.  And I wasn’t even in the car!  I was getting ready to go for a podium ceremony (3rd place) but when I looked up at the screen I saw Matt move into first place on the last corner, I looked outside and he crossed the line first!  There was total disbelief and utter joy; realistically if we do really well we could get a third place or a second, but never a first place on our debut in WEC, that was absolutely incredible!  I’ve had wins and won multiple championships in Asia but nothing felt as good as that particularly moment, I wasn’t in the car for it but certainly enjoyed it.  I remember you being in the pit, you took that photo of us looking at the screen, that was brilliant!

Any tattoo's?

No tattoos…..I’ve seen Matt’s (Griffin) answer!

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