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Team Penske: Roar24 Press Conference

Our North America correspondant Vickie Miller brought us the lowdown from the Team Penske press conference at the Daytona International Speedway for the Roar before the 24.

Starting with the drivers of the number 6 car, Juan Pablo Montoya told reporters that he was very excited to be back at Daytona "everyone is waiting to see what we can do" and "I think the racing will be very exciting". Dane Cameron: "It's hugely exciting to be involved with Team Penske and driving with Juan [for the season]". The last of the number 6 drivers, Simon Pagenaud commented "This era of Sportscar racing is incredible, I think we are about to see something we have not seen before".

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The attention then turned to the drivers of the number 7 car, and defending champion Ricky Taylor "It feels nice to be back and I am focused on the job at hand, there's been lots of testing and development - my expectations are high". Graham Rayhall: "I am focused on the goal of an outright win, its pretty special to be here especially with my routes with Honda / Acura". Rounding off the number 7 drivers was Helio Castroneves who told reporters "I'm very fortunate to be part of this group, its great to be learning new cars and styles of driving".

To hear the full interview just click HERE


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