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Porsche GB Motorsport: Media Day

Out with the old and in with the new, Porsche Carrera cup upgrades to the new 992 911 GT3 cup car for its 20th anniversary. This puts out 510HP which is an additional 25HP compared to that of the 991 version and this is obvious on track.

The overall look to me is Porsche saying 'This is what we are about'. The twin air vents at the front of the bonnet is a distinguishing part of the front end. A 'swan neck' style rear wing, wider body with air flow vents in the rear arches. This definitely stands out from its predecessor. I can go on with spec but you just need to see this on track for yourself.

Overall first impressions..... they have changed the game with the 911.

On the calendar this year is 16 rounds.

1-2 Donnington Park 23rd-24th April

3-4 Brands Hatch Indy Circuit 14th-15th May

5-6 Oulton Park 11th-12th June

7-8 Knockhill 30th-31st July

9-10 Snetterton 13th-14th August

11-12 Thruxton 27th-28 August

13-14 Silverstone National Circuit 24th-25th September

15-16 Brands Hatch GP Circuit 8th-9th October

The Cayman Islands sprint challenge GB brings out the 718 GT4 Clubsport with a 3.8 litre flat six pushing out 425HP.

This years Race Calendar is 15 rounds.

1,2&3 Silverston GP Circuit 7th-8th May

4-5 Thruxton 28th-29th May

6-7 Croft 24th-26th June

8-9 Oulton Park National Circuit 9th July

10,11&12 Brands Hatch GP Circuit 10-11th September

13,14&15 Donington Park GP Circuit 15th-16th October


The media day was held at the Silverstone Circuit in the International Pits AKA The Wing. You could feel the excitement in the air, it was a beautiful sunny morning, blue skies and a slight breeze. The only thing that was disturbing the peace that morning, was the roar of 718's and 911's engines echoing through the pit lane whilst they were warming up.

The Carrera Cup had first slot for testing in the morning. Standing on the pit wall you could tell the drivers were not hanging around, the speed they carried down the Hamilton Straight was something to behold. Seeing the slick design out on track for the first time in all the different liveries of the teams was just picture perfect.

The GT4's were up next. I stayed round the pit area for this also headed down towards the start of the pit lane where there is a view area that over looks Club Corner onto Hamilton Straight. The cars looked like they were on rails, tyres stuck to the asphalt no rear ends sliding or front ends missing the apex. This was my first time witnessing this class and they did not disappoint. Looking at the tracks for its season, I am positive there will be highly competitive racing throughout.

As the Day went on the Blue skies stayed and the sun did not disappear.

Tracking shots happened first up the 911's then the GT4's, I always love watching this take place. Three photographers harnessed up in the boot of a Cayenne, boot lid up and the whole field of that class following. Once the Tracking finished the class lined up on the grid and more shots were taken. Being able to walk amongst both classes on the start finish straight and take photos was a highlight for me. To me this was Porsche really showing off the two classes, making you feel that 'Porsche are here to stay'.

After lunch it was just testing through the afternoon split up so each class had turns out on track. Everyone was getting quicker as they got use to the car. Pit crews working in harmony making sure the car and driver are one. Sponsors walking around the pits or up on the wing watching their investments come to life.

I moved out to the rest of the track to get a different perspective watching them go through Abbey, Farm, Village, the Loop and Chapel. Seeing the capabilities of the drivers and cars going through the high speed section then slowing right down for the tighter corners and back onto the throttle, just showed that they were made for this.

All in all, a great day and an exciting preview in to what's to come in the upcoming season!


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