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Goodwood Revival 2021

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Text & Images: Steve Tarrant

The marketing department at Goodwood often use the catchphrase "a step back in time" when describing the Revival meeting. After the happenings of the past four days, they could equally describe this year's event as being "one giant step forward for mankind!"

Cars, drivers, planes, fashions, food - it was all there, and while the crowd numbers were smaller than in past years, it allowed the public to mingle without too much pressure or crowding. Saying that, whenever a Jackie Stewart or a Jenson Button appeared, people would forget themselves and flock to try and get a word, selfie or an autograph with the stars.

While the racers raced for the prizes, the winners appeared to be everyone attending, judging by the smiles seen everywhere. Manners like "please", "thank you", "excuse me" and "after you" were much observed, reminding everyone of a gentler way of life, and comments were made that it is a shame these are often forgotten once people go through the exit gates back to their everyday lives.

The gallery below is just a taste of the many aspects of the weekend, you need to be there in order to feel it all for yourself.


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