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Clearwater #61 - Le Mans post warm up

Clearwater Racing’s Weng Sun Mok will have the honour of starting today’s 85th running of the Le Mans 24 Hour. One of only two gentlemen (bronze) driver to take the start, Weng is feeling very confident after this morning’s warm up:

“It was excellent, it gave me a lot of confidence, I didn’t drive this set up during quali because they made a few tweaks before the night session which I didn’t take part in but the car felt really really good and I had a good run. Tried to do a race simulation, or at least a fairly long stint and was 4 seconds quicker than last time, it felt good.”

When asked about how he felt starting the race:

“I’m ready, I’m glad I did the morning session, it’s given me a bit more confidence, how many people can say they have started Le Mans!!! I think I am one of two bronze drivers who will be starting the race, it will be good, we were hoping for a mainly pro grid so I don’t end up fighting with anybody and taking the least possible time to complete my stint”.

The plan is for Weng to be in the car for a double stint and then Ireland’s Matt Griffin will takeover.


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