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90 Seconds with Alfonso "Picho" Toledano Jnr

Toledano started his racing career in karting. In 2003, he was second in the 100cc class, beating among others future Formula One driver Sergio Pérez. The year after, he became champion. 2005 saw his debut in formula racing; he became tenth in Formula Renault Campus.

In 2006, Toledano switched to the Panam GP Series and finished thirteenth. He also drove three out of five races of the International Formula Challenge, which got him to a seventh place in the championship. His 2007 Panam GP season was more successful; he scored two victories, which led to a third place in championship. However, in the autumn of 2007, Toledano had a severe racing accident. It happened during a pre-season test for A1 Team Mexico in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Toledano entered a blind corner at high speed and lost his brakes before impacting another car, which had come to a full stop due to a previous incident. Both of Toledano's legs sustained multiple fractures.

After eighteen surgeries and ten months of being immobile, Toledano tried his hand at Formula BMW. He ran four races in the Formula BMW USA and two races in the Formula BMW Pacific Series in order to prepare for the 2008 World Final at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City. He finished sixteenth.

What would you be if not a racing driver?


Family Business is Motorsport so I would for sure keep involved in Racing as Team Owner and Manager.


Do you have any pre-race superstitions?


To be honest at some point when I was 17/18 I stopped believing in all that stuff and I just kept some kind of traditions like always getting in the car with the right foot and putting on my right glove and boot first.


What is your favourite racing circuit?


I have two of course Mexico City because of the ambience and history in my life, but Interlagos, Brazil as a racetrack is amazing to drive.


Who do you admire the most?

I never found one person in particular to admire so its hard to say as I try to keep the best of most people but if I can choose 3 it will be my Dad, Ayrton Senna and Alex Zanardi. 

Favourite food?


Pizza and Tacos.


Which other series would you like to race in?


Taking F1 from the list I would say WEC and the Indy 500 will be my perfect season.


What road car do you drive?


I spent most of the year flying so any Rental Car is my car now, but my last car was a Range Rover Evoque that for me is the best car for Mexico.


Most memorable racing moment?


After almost loosing both legs in 2007 for sure my comeback in 2008 was super special, but I cherish a lot of memories from my career I believe that each race is special and Im pretty sure more memorable racing moments will come.


Do you have any tattoo's, if so what and where (be honest!)?


Yes, I have one on my right arm with the date of the accident that completely changed my life and how I live day by day today. I put that date because is like a re born date to me and to remember in difficult situations that I overcome harder things in life. 

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