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Rob Huff

Si vous n'êtes pas pilote de course, que faites-vous ?

Not sure I can answer that… definitely involved in motorsport somewhere!

Avez-vous des superstitions d'avant course ?

No I don’t - people do like left glove before right glove but the only thing I do is make sure I get in the right side of the car where the steering wheel is!

Circuit de course préféré ?

Maccau, 8 times winner…

Qui admires-tu?

My Dad! He’s an inspiration to me, he’s hardworking, he’s a grafter, we knew nothing about motorsport whatsoever and somehow his son has made a 15 year career out of it so, without my Dad I’d be nowhere.

Nourriture préférée?

Curry! And Mum’s roast beef, but can depend on the weather!

Dans quelle autre série aimeriez-vous courir ?

V8 Supercars in Australia - proper cars, proper championship, proper racing!

Quelle voiture de route conduisez-vous ?

Nissan GTR

Rob Huff

Le moment de course le plus mémorable ?

Winning the World Championship in Maccau in 2012 – I crashed in the first race, it was all a little bit on the edge should we say, I had to finish 6th in the second race and the for the first half of it race I was in P10, so I had a bit of a word with myself, finished P2 and won the Championship - it was a life changing moment.

Avez-vous des tatouages, si oui lesquels et où (soyez honnête !) ?

None! I thought about it when I won the World Championship, I think it will be original in the future ‘not’ to have any… a blank canvas thing!

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