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Alvaro Parente

Si vous n'êtes pas pilote de course, que faites-vous ?

An athlete, probably a footballer.

Avez-vous des superstitions d'avant course ?

I used too, they weren’t working as well so I stopped.

Circuit de course préféré ?

Bathurst, Silverstone and Le Mans!

Qui admires-tu?

This might sound a bit funny but Christian Ronaldo, he’s been at the top of his game for many many years, one of ‘the’ best football players, I admire him a lot.

Nourriture préférée?

Traditional Portuguese.

Dans quelle autre série aimeriez-vous courir ?

Very happy with what I’m doing and very happy to be doing the Le Mans 24 Hours for the second time!

Quelle voiture de route conduisez-vous ?

Don’t laugh… a Jeep Wrangler, like in all the American movies… and a normal BMW wagon (diesel!)

Alvaro Parente

Le moment de course le plus mémorable ?

Luckily I’ve had quite a lot of really memorable races in my career, picking just one is very difficult! At the beginning of the year I did the Bathurst 12 Hours, I had an amazing 4 hour stint, and my win at Long Beach in this year’s Pirelli World Challenge, I love street courses, that was really memorable!

Avez-vous des tatouages, si oui lesquels et où (soyez honnête !) ?

No, none!

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