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Alex Kapadia

Si vous n'êtes pas pilote de course, que faites-vous ?

Frustrated. Very frustrated. Probably far better off too. I run a few franchised wine shops and an internet tyre business too. These do well and give me a steady income to go with the more volatile racing income but they would probably do a lot better if I was around more.

Avez-vous des superstitions d'avant course ?

No real superstitions but I do have a pre-race routine which is designed to get me back into my best frame of mind to perform

Circuit de course préféré ?

Bathurst. Craziest circuit in the world. I like tracks where the driver can make a big difference.

Qui admires-tu?

NHS nurses and doctors. People who work so hard for poor pay and conditions but who do it because they enjoy helping others. I am always amazed by how much they care whenever I visit a hospital.

Nourriture préférée?

Italian, ideally served with a decent glass of red wine.

Dans quelle autre série aimeriez-vous courir ?

I would love to race a full season in WEC in LMP2 or Blancpain. But I also really like Aussie V8s. Proper racing in cars that look fun to drive and a series that is really well promoted.

Quelle voiture de route conduisez-vous ?

A very boring Mercedes 350 CDI. I do not get too excited by road cars.

Alex Kapadia

Le moment de course le plus mémorable ?

Finishing Le Mans 24hrs after the car was gutted by fire in Thursday qualifying. The guys did such an amazing job to rebuild it and it ran perfectly. That and my drive with Murphy Prototypes at the Silverstone ELMS in 2014. I got a last minute call up and had fastest lap for most of the race. That opened a lot of doors for me.

Avez-vous des tatouages, si oui lesquels et où (soyez honnête !) ?


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