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Perrinn 424 electric car is ready to be built.

The 424 uses 3 Formula E motors (2 at the rear and 1 at the front) to make it one of the most powerful electric car (750kW). Yet it remains light with a total weight of 1200kg. The battery itself weighs 400kg and is mounted inside the chassis in the middle of the car. We install the battery from underneath and recharge the car between runs. Top speed will be 355 kph and acceleration to 100kph will take 2 seconds.

The 424 is more than a racing car. It is a project shared publicly, it is a way for me to say "hey, look, it is good to share our data, show our talents, and speak about what we do to improve the world everyday." For example the design of the car is already shared online. This is only a beginning and much more will be shared once the car exists.


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