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Le Mans 2015 LMP1 Class Preview

The LMP1 class features the top-flight prototype cars and therefore some of the most advanced cars seen racing anywhere on the globe.

Flexible class regulations allow for many different engine manufacturers and drivetrains. Although the LMP1 class is split up between hybrid and non-hybrid, both groups share the same dimension regulations of 4.65m long and between 1.8 and 1.9 meters wide, as well as virtually the same weight limit of 870kg


The differences start to appear in the power plants. The non-hybrid cars can use up to 5.5L (340 in.) displacement engines of either petrol or diesel whereas the hybrids have a free engine displacement and the option to use a form of hybrid-electric power, be it flywheel, super capacitor, or battery; with each of the main manufacturers using a different one, this provides interesting and exciting racing.

Fourteen cars are entered in this class: three each from Nissan, Audi and Porsche, two from Toyota and Rebellion racing, and one from Team Bykolles.

Each car will be driven by a team of three drivers for the entire race, only stopping for tyres, fuel and driver changes. This year there are drivers coming to race at Le Mans from other race series including the Force India F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg, Simon Trummer from GP2, and ex-F1 drivers such as Mark Webber and Anthony Davidson joining the 42 drivers in this class alone.


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