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An FIA World Championship title for GTE

A meeting of the FIA World Motorsport Council was held today in Vienna, Austria. At this occasion the creation of the FIA World Endurance Championship for GTE Drivers and Manufacturers title was announced for 2017.

As a reminder, four manufacturers - Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford and Porsche - are already entered in the WEC.

Pierre Fillon (President of the ACO): "I would like to warmly thank Jean Todt, President of the FIA and Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, President of the FIA Endurance Commission, for their total involvement in obtaining this title. I would like also to acknowledge the efforts made by the manufacturers and their sporting performances that fully justify this world title label.”

Gérard Neveu (CEO of the FIA WEC): "The announcement of this world title is excellent news for the WEC and rewards a grid of the highest quality. This decision should speed up the arrival of other manufacturers to this category.”


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