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90 Seconds with Joe Byrne

What brought you to being a racing driver?


I was medically discharged from the army in 2015, that left a massive hole in my life mentally and physically.  I was an airborne engineer throughout my career, and normal life made me miss the adrenaline and focus that comes with passion, I found that again in motorsport.

What is your favourite racing circuit, or which would you like to race on?

That's difficult, I have a huge love for the Nordschleife , but haven't raced there, yet. Racing there is a dream, and a target of mine, I think it's rare a driver will be tested as much as they are on that track.


Who do you admire the most?

That's a difficult question , I've always been in awe of what Alex Zannardi has and is still achieving. He's not just a role model to motorsport or to Paralympians , he's an example to everyone.

Favourite food?


Fajitas! Can't go wrong with fajitas, so easy to make when you're feeling lazy too. 


Which other series would you like to race in?


That's easy, Formula 1. Not a possibility I know, but if I could race in anything I wanted, I would love a seat at Red Bull haha. 


What road car do you drive?


Ah at the moment just a Renaultsport Clio 197, a few track friendly modifications so I can still do track days with friends when I get chance .


Most memorable life moment?


Being told I was no longer fit to serve was a major set back for me and it put me in a bad frame of mind for some time, but I feel like that point defined who I am now and where I'm heading. 


Do you have any tattoo's, if so what and where (be honest!)?


Haha just the one , it's a set of my jump wings on my arm with "AIRBORNE" written above and the number "9" in Roman numerals below to represent where I served. 

Joe joined the Army in 2008, where he served 7 years in the Royal Engineers spending his service with 9 Parachute Squadron - the Airborne Engineers. Joe was injured on exercise in 2014 resulting in damage to his nerves, this in turn, lead to him being medically discharged in 2015.

"I’ve always been obsessed with motorsport and since leaving the army I was keen to pursue my desire for adrenaline, racing was the obvious choice!" says Joe "I started karting again with KartForce in 2015 and re-discovered my love for racing"

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