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If not a racing driver, then what would you be?

Well that is a tricky question, i genuinely have't got a clue as to what i would do if i wasn't a racing driver. My life is based around motorsport but i know for a fact i wouldn't be a football player!

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?

I have my own set routine prior to a race and i like to stick to that. I make the most of my 'Driver Blackout Period' to get myself in the zone. I like to strap myself in and as soon as i put helmet on i like to be left alone and only engineers to talk to me over the radio.

Who do you admire the most?

When i was younger i always looked up to Jason Plato and what he achieved along with Ayrton Senna. I now try and look beyond others and to be my own goal setter and achieve things no one else has.

What is you favourite circuit?

Croft has to be my all time favourite circuit in the UK! Every time i have been there, wet or dry i have won. It is a track that suits my driving style.

Favourite Food?

MY favourite food has to be Chinese! Great for the diet and all that...

Which series would you most like to race in?

I would love to go out to Australia and race in the V8 Supercars. The cars are unreal and to try and tame 600bhp under you right foot would sort the men from the boys.

Most memorable racing moment?

There has been two; i will never forget the final round at Brands Hatch in 2015 when i wrapped up the UK Clio Cup Championship in just my first year. But at the same time i will never forget my first BTCC Win at croft during the 2016 season in the monsoon conditions

What road car do you drive?

I am currently driver a Subaru Levorg GT on the road thanks to Subaru UK

Do you have any tattoos?

I currently don't have any tattoos but it's something i have considered

Images kindly provided by Barnshaw images and Ashley Sutton Racing.

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